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Charm Bracelets with Birthstones – A Special Birthday Gift Idea for Your Daughter

12th October 2017

Birthstones have long been believed to bring good luck, wealth and health to the wearer. A birthstone is a precious or semiprecious gem associated with either a month of the year or an astrological sign (or occasionally a year of birth when using Chinese astrology). For centuries birthstones have been incorporated into jewellery, including rings,…

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5 Beautiful Personalised Bracelets For Mum

9th October 2017

A personalised bracelet makes a fantastic gift for your mum, whether for a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion. Charm bracelets combine glamour and chic to create a classic piece of jewellery that makes a statement as a truly personal fashion accessory. Personalised jewellery pieces have always been popular gifts for women, especially mums! Rather…

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Where To Buy Charm Bracelets That Won’t Affect Sensitive Skin?

6th October 2017

If you want to buy a charm bracelet for someone who has sensitive skin, care must be taken in choosing the right style, material and quality. Why is this? Many pieces of jewellery are made from so-called ‘non-precious’ metals, such as nickel, aluminium, stainless steel or lead-free pewter. Calling them non-precious doesn’t mean there is…

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What Are Charm Bracelets & What Do They Mean?

25th September 2017

Charm bracelets are beautiful, delightful gifts that can last a lifetime, expanding with new pieces of jewellery to mark special occasions. For centuries custom silver charm bracelets have been popular with women (and some men) from a wide range of cultures, age groups and social classes – with treasured pieces of jewellery frequently being passed…

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